I offer a number of different pricing options in order to best suite your particular project and desires.

Important Note: I require an upfront deposit prior to beginning any work, the only exception being when Guru SafePay is used (an escrow service). For small projects, this means a 100% deposit. For other projects, we can break it down into smaller milestones, with a 100% deposit due for the current milestone. For work billed by the hour, the deposited funds must "stay ahead" of my fees incurred on the project.

Minimum Project Budget

The minimum project budget requirement for new clients is $4,000. This is the total budget for all potential services you may want me to provide over the lifespan of this particular project. Individual milestones can cost less.

Fixed Price

This is our most common pricing structure, and is favored for it’s predictability. Work is often broken up into multiple milestone. This option only works when the work can be fully outlined ahead of time. Fixed prices can be applied to both design work and prototypes. Work will be quoted ahead of time and the price will not change unless the scope of the work changes.

Hourly Rate


Daily Rate

This covers eight hours (normal business hours) of focused effort on your project. 


  • A 10% discount compared to my hourly rate

  • Unlimited free 3D prints that are made within a 24 hour period, starting at 8:15am of the scheduled day. Whatever my printers are able to produce within the 24 hour time frame is free, as long as the printed parts are related to the current project and help advance the design in some way. Portions of prints that extended beyond the 24 hours will be charged at my standard 3D print rates.

  • Accelerate the timeline on your project by compressing multiple days of part-time work into one full day.

  • Aids planning project timelines and scheduling.

  • I'm available the whole work day for your project and your project only. You can contact me whenever you'd like as much as you'd like and I'll be ready. Likewise, I won't be responding to or working on any other projects.

Day rate days must be scheduled and paid for prior to the desired date (no same-day scheduling). Please contact me for a list of currently-available days. Day rate cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Travel Rates

Contact for details

Project Expenses

If not included as part of a fixed price quote, I will bill you for expenses I have incurred on your project (I will get your prior approval). Examples include prototype materials, third party manufacturing services, shipping costs, purchasing existing products to reference, etc. Expenses will be billed at the actual cost incurred to me, with no mark-up.

Projects can be comprised of a combination of the above options. For example, a project broken into multiple phases/milestones could have a day rate brainstorming/concepting milestone, a flat rate design milestone, a flat rate prototyping milestone, and then an hourly rate revisions milestone.

For info on the ways you can pay, see Payments.