Patent Drawings


Patent drawing services are now only available for projects where I also did the design work. Therefore, I will be more familiar with your product than anyone else and will be able to create the most effective patent drawings possible. As part of my patent drawing process, I will: communicate with you and help to determine your needs and drawing strategies, help create the list of figures to be created, provide an exact price for the work, deliver the drawings as a ready-to-file, fully-conforming PDF, and a guarantee that your drawings will be accepted. I create the highest-possible quality, professional patent drawings for both U.S. and international design patents, utility patents (aka non-provisional patents) and provisional applications. I have completed thousands of drawings to date.

Strong IP Protection

If the time ever comes that you need to enforce your patent, my drawings provide the best possible protection. They precisely match your product (directly referenced from 3D CAD files) to eliminate any potential discrepancy. I can create drawings that provide the broadest protection through strategic use of techniques, such as the use of broken lines to depict unclaimed portions, additional embodiments, environmental views, section views, detail views, texture and material representation, etc. and can help you form the best patent drawing strategy. My intimate knowledge of your product, how it works, and how it differs from the competition offers me insights beyond what your patent attorney will think of, making me an important part of your patenting team.


Save time! You will receive high-quality (vector) PDFs with proper shading, line weights, margins, figure labels, lead lines, fonts, sheet numbers etc. that can be filed along with your application as-is. They will be sent as a single PDF and are ready to submit.

Easy Pricing

$825 per set (patent) plus an additional $95 per “simple” figure and $195 per “complex” figure.

A “simple” figure is one that has none of the views or features listed for “complex” figures.

A “complex” figure is a different configuration or embodiment from what has already been designed in CAD and/or any of the following: section views, detail views, exploded views, broken/cut off sections, indeterminate lengths, alternate positions, broken line/unclaimed portions, transparent materials, and environmental views.

Keep in mind, you’re paying for the best possible patent drawings and ones that will help contribute to the best possible patent strategy, as well as experienced support both before and after creation of the drawings. Why risk having to deal with future issues that may result from inadequate drawings?

Published Drawing Examples

The following is a selection of recently published patents for which I created drawings. I never share my work until it is publicly available (which typically takes one to three years). Click the links below to open the published patents.

USPTO Design Patents
US D815,455 S - Toothbrush Holder
US D807,534 S - Directional Controls
US D800,538 S - Caliper Crack Mark
US D799,939 S - Caliper Crack Mark
US D799,938 S - Caliper Crack Mark
US D799,921 S - Collar Wrench
US D799,920 S - Breakout Wrench
US D798,919 S - Pipe Splitting Tool and Base
US D789,183 S - Cable Button
US D785,969 S - Self Draining Soap Dish
US D782,275 S - Double Latch Lever
US D782,274 S - Rear Gripper Latch
US D779,681 S - Staircase
US D779,572 S - Spur Handle Bursting Head
US D774,167 S - Front Manifold Lever
US D771,480 S - Caliper Crack Mark
US D767,007 S - Gear Box Cover Plate
US D767,006 S - Gear Box Cover Plate
US D765,922 S - Pet Mat
US D759,740 S - Gear Box Cover Plate
US D759,739 S - Gear Box Cover Plate

USPTO Non-Provisional (Utility) Patents
US 10,184,861 B2 - Structural Element Crack Monitoring Device and Method
US 10,006,231 B2 - Double Lever Latch Device
US 10,006,207 B2 - Open Stair Case with Center Uncut Stringer
US 2018-0146721 A1 - Material Having an Expandable Portion

Disclaimer: I am not a patent attorney or agent. I cannot file your patent application for your, nor should my advice or strategy be considered legal advice. While dozens of my clients have filed their patent applications themselves, using my drawings and strategy suggestions, I highly recommend hiring or consulting with a patent attorney. My patent drawings guarantee does not guarantee that all your drawings will be accepted the first time (but it is highly likely they will be), but instead guarantees that I will revise the drawings as needed until they are accepted.